NBSIA’s goal is to work closely with our Members to assist them in risk management and early claim resolution to reduce costs and help maintain a good image for the District.

When do you notify NBSIA?

  • When an incident has occurred that is likely to become a claim
  • If you receive a verbal or written demand asserting liability and damages
  • If you receive a verbal or written request for monetary award
  • When a claim (tort) form is filed
  • When a lawsuit is filed, and you have been served

NOTE: Late notice of a claim may result in loss of coverage. NBSIA Memorandum of Liability Coverage considers reporting after 14 calendar days of knowledge to be late notice.

What constitutes notice to NBSIA?

  • Email, fax or letter describing the possible claim. Telephone communication should be followed up with a written confirmation.

When a claim is submitted, NBSIA will:

  1. Review current facts and evaluate coverage
  2. If coverage is clear NBSIA will assume responsibility of the claim and will retain counsel, if necessary, in preparation of resolution of the claim.
  3. If there is no coverage, NBSIA will notify the District in writing
  4. NBSIA will investigate the claim before the claim is rejected or accepted (NOTE: If you plan to conduct an internal investigation, please communicate this so we may work with you).
  5. NBSIA accepts or rejects claims, not the District
  6. NBSIA will communicate openly with the District contact

In the event of a serious property loss:

  1. Call NBSIA immediately
  2. Secure the premises from further loss.
  3. Keep track of personnel hours and materials used in response to loss.
  4. If necessary, rent a fence, board up windows, or hire a guard.
  5. Photograph and document damage

Members are advised to outsource repairs to expedite recovery and retain Member resources for normal operations. NBSIA does not require Members to make repairs in-house. These expenses are considered necessary to reduce further loss and avoid potential liability exposure and are covered by NBSIA as a part of the loss.

Special Considerations

If the loss is expected to exceed the deductible ($5,000) the Member must advise NBSIA in writing, in addition to completing the Property Loss Report form:

  • The school employee who first discovers the property loss should immediately complete the Property Loss Report. Do not wait until repairs or replacement of lost/damaged items to complete and submit the report. A person should be designated to receive and review the report for completeness, legibility and any required action.
  • Send the original to NBSIA’s P/L Department and keep a copy for Member files.
  • Make a list of those items which are damaged or destroyed, including the cost to replace them.
  • Secure copies of the invoices for the purchases of the items. If you are not replacing an item or items, advise NBSIA.
  • Losses of $50,000 or more must be reported to Travelers in a timely manner to avoid coverage issues. Members’ coverage is replacement cost coverage, unless the property is not replaced.

On building losses in excess of $100,000, NBSIA, appropriate Member personnel and the Member’s architect should meet at the site as soon as possible to assess damages and coordinate necessary repairs. This will be coordinated through NBSIA.

Property damage can lead to liability exposure. It is the responsibility of all Members to maintain property and make corrections in a timely manner to avoid potential liability claims

Auto Physical Damage coverage is provided under the property policy for all Member owned vehicles. Vehicle accident reports should be completed and submitted to NBSIA for claims processing.

We are available to work with Members to help create best practice standards. Please contact NBSIA Property & Liability Department at (707) 428-1830, or by email at PropLiab@nbsia.org should you have any questions or wish to discuss this in more detail.