NBSIA is pleased to offer our Members liability coverage for special events. This coverage is offered to Members at a low cost of $100.00 per event and will provide the first $1,000,000 in liability coverage should a claim arise.

How is this coverage different from NBSIA's Liability Coverage?

While NBSIA's Memorandum of Liability Coverage provides coverage for most school related events, this Special Events Coverage will provide the first layer of coverage, thereby providing NBSIA and its Members additional protection in the event of a loss. NBSIA has provided third party referrals for special event coverage in the past, but with the adoption of this coverage, NBSIA will have greater input and oversight, while allowing Members more latitude.

When should this coverage be used and by whom?

This coverage should be used by our Members for all high-exposure events which are Member or non-Member sponsored. Some popular events that usually required Special Event Coverage due to activities and/or outside vendors and equipment are:

  • Popular Events
    • Senior breakfasts, BBQs or picnics
    • Carnivals & fairs
    • Field Days
    • Harvest Festivals
    • Dances, proms
    • Water days
    • Grade promotions BBQs or celebrations
  • Popular activities and vendors
    • Jump house/inflatables
    • Water slides
    • Petting zoos
    • Food trucks; food and beverage vendors
    • Game/entertainment trucks
    • DJ and music services
    • Photo booths
    • Dunks tanks
    • Rock walls
    • Games
    • Laser tag
    • Face painting
What is the process to obtain this coverage?
  • Fill out and turn in the Special Events Liability Insurance Questionnaire
  • All requests must be signed by the Member's Authorized Contract Signee
  • All requests must be submitted with a Certificate of Insurance naming the Covered Member as Additional Insured from each vendor.
  • NBSIA will then work with the underwriters to get the Special Event Certificate issued

PLEASE NOTE ~ unlike our Certificates of Coverage process, these additional steps will require more planning and time to prepare - you may want to start the process 30 days before the event to avoid coverage complications.