General Administration | (707) 428-1830; fax (707) 428-1848

Executive Director Kim Santin
Executive Assistant Carrie Green
Business Systems Analyst Maria Cantera
System Administrator Veronica Hudley
HR/Operations Manager Karen Antunes
Finance Manager Andrew Obando
Accounting Technician/Office Assistant Laura Costa
Receptionist/Office Assistant Mike Nichols

Property & Liability | (707) 428-1830; fax (707) 428-1848

PL Risk and Claims Manager Brandon Schlenker
PL Claims Examiner Stephanie Carmona

Member Services | (707) 428-1830; fax (707) 428-1848

Member Services Manager Denise Schreiner
Safety Specialist Jeremy Hatch
Safety Specialist Matt Boughtin
Member Services Coordinator Jaclyn Moraida

Workers' Compensation | (707) 428-1830; fax (707) 428-1848

Workers’ Comp. Claims Manager Kami Linan
Workers' Comp. Claims Supervisor Felecia Lawson
Workers' Comp. Claims Supervisor Lily Vossbrink
Return to Work Coordinator / Claims Examiner III Anna Socarras
Claims Examiner III Ed Walbolt
Claims Examiner III Janelle Esler
Claims Examiner III Erica Braga
Claims Examiner III Jennifer Sanchez
Claims Examiner III Cathy Garman
Claims Assistant II Sarah Thoming
Claims Assistant II Trung Bui
Claims Assistant II Audra Geigle
Claims Assistant I Jennifer Tuley
Claims Assistant I Ariana Bio
Claims Assistant I Melissa Fitzgerald