Public risk pools were founded and continue to thrive on three important principals. They are at the core of the work NBSIA does with our Members, and they set us apart from traditional insurance.


NBSIA is a member-owned, member-driven organization. Members are equal co-owners of the pool. They harness their collective power by working together to develop coverages, programs and services that meet their specific needs. Beyond that, Members contribute new ideas and best practices, and help in solving common problems. There is a culture of collaboration rather than competition, which allows NBSIA staff and Members to openly learn from one another and share resources for the good of the group.


This risk- and cost-sharing partnership has helped NBSIA Members save money by reducing and stabilizing coverage rates and providing access to a wide variety of loss prevention services that school districts may not have otherwise been able to get. As a self-funded public risk pool, NBSIA does not have a profit motive. 100% of our time and resources goes in to serving our Members. Our motivation is ensuring that schools are safe and spend as little as possible for risk coverage and services, so that they can focus their time and resources on education.


NBSIA serves our Members in countless ways. Along with broad coverage and in-house claims administration, we provide a wide variety of high-quality, innovative services including: employment practices legal advice; concussion testing; leadership training; crisis management support; a student mentoring program; an anti-bullying App; safety grants; post-offer physical testing; online training; and a long list of customizable, on-site trainings targeting unique school risks. We also leverage Members’ collective buying power to get them the best group rates for school services like lab safety and asbestos hazard inspections and training. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and more information can be found in the Member Services area of this site. Service is at the heart of what we do – and most of our services are provided at no additional cost, as part of our comprehensive coverage.